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Member Reviews

Please look below to read testimonials from our members. Customer opinion is important to us and we do everything we can to ensure members’ satisfaction with our tips and our service.

Jonathan Charlton
United Kingdom

"I used to rely on public tips and what I could find in articles and on TV but now I use BuyPrivateTip exclusively. The private tips here are the best."

Lok Zwolle

"BuyPrivateTip saves me a lot of time that I used to waste online reading everything I could about a match. Now Jernei does all the work – and I get to reap all the rewards!"

Kiril Volcini

" I won 3200 EUR on my last bet thanks to the VIP tip I got here at BuyPrivateTip. I love this site."

Katri Schuster

"I've tried a lot of different tipster sites and BuyPrivateTip is definitely the best I’ve used. The tips here are consistent winners."

Nikaloj Peeters

"Never thought I would have it so good. My tips are delivered via email. All I do is place bet and collect money from bookie. Signing up for BuyPrivateTip was best decision ever."

Daniel Tuon

"My first tip lost and I wasn't sure what to think – but then the next five tips all won and I found myself up by over 2000 EUR. This isn’t a miracle site but those don’t exist anyway. This is a site that has great tips that win frequently."

Andrei Radu
Andrei Radu

"Since signing up, I have won over 80% of my bets using a mix of normal and VIP tips. I never thought I would see my bankroll so high."

Sergei Petrov

"I just wanted to say you offer terrific tips and terrific service. I’m very satisfied with signing up and will do so more in future."

Miguel Martins

"If this winning rate keeps up, I’m going to be able to retire soon! Keep up the good work."

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